Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Me and Latina Adultery

"Not even a rich husband can keep these wives loyal" Enjoy hot Latin hot wives having affairs, swinging, and simply fornicating with younger men.The first things that my husband liked at Latin Adultery is that it had an exclusive look. The design is really neat and adds a sense of sophistication to the overall feel of the site... at least until you see the first latinas exposed all over in a highly intimate and highly elegant amateur (see my style) fashion. Megarotic, Megauploads and Rapidshares are way down below, as usual.

As the introduction indicates Latin Adultery is a so- called 'reality' site which claims to be all about 'real' latina MILFy wives engaging in improper hardcore action with younger men, or interracial studs, at least so the song goes. Let's go straight to the point though; if this is about 'real life' affairs I'm an Arab sheik's prize wife/girlfriend (see the post on Habib) and that's not all... if you look outside there's is a brand new Ferrari parked in your driveway. Nah... don't think so! However, this doesn't mean that 'LA' is all 'BS', it sure has a lot of qualities so let's take a closer look at the goodies. I know several of the gals from the site, and have gone to a bunch of Mandingo and swinger parties with them.

First of all in spite of the talented actors the material at this site remains truly devoted the the Latin theme in the sense that all the female models here seem to have a latin ethnic background, and are all naughty and seasoned players. In other words; if the J-Lo style does it for you, Latin Adultery is probably not the worst place for you to end up while sitting in front of your computer. I won't push the claim that the model standard is all Jennifer Lopez- like, and not Spring Thomas, but there surely are some nice looking girls with hot tempered attitudes and big attributes waiting for you here. And many of them have that sleek, Azlea look. Some of them, that Naughty Allie style. Take it from me, a part-time lesbian MILF.

As the style of the site is clean and logical, so is the navigation as it is all done by thumbnails. This might not please everybody but when you consider the fact that the site promotes the Latin theme only. It would probably suit the site well to add a search option or a model index at some point to make the site open and accessible. Though there's a fair share of models at present I do however not consider the present approach a flaw, it just seems to lack a little foresight.

The action here is explicit hardcore and probably as predictable as it gets in regards to the 'lonely kinky wife' concept... as I've mentioned earlier it's not acting awards at stake here, but if you are into classic hardcore twosomes involving quite a few latina hotties this site is definitely a potential teaser, with a hint of interracial, .

Latin Adultery aims for a sophisticated look and the old school concept of lonely horny slut housewife hardcore paired with a popular by demand ethnic touch. Though this cocktail is far from the first of its kind Lating Adultery altogether proves itself worthwhile, at least in my humble opinion. This is in part due to a fair amount of material, concept loyalty and not least a user friendly video section. I'm a firm believer that Latin Adultery will be a nice addition to those of you who are into dedicated action and attractive latinas who perform wholeheartedly, with more devotion than the 8th Street Latina jaded pseudo-debutantes. This makes the experience all the merrier and it probably will make you accept the less great attributes of the site. Certainly, there's still room for a lot more original stuff and likewise the video quality has room for improvement as well.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Me at the Book Worm Bitches

You might not see me right away when you visit Book Worm Bitches. Their large images and myriads of thumbnails with a short little write up telling you how geeks get good grades. Your truly, the sweet soccer mom Milfette was vacationing again, when my husband got the call on his mobile from a web site guy. It quickly became clear that my word-of-mouth fame reached the Book Worm guys, and, to top the good news, they were anxious to fly me in, husband and whatever kids and luggage included to do a special classy trailer for the site. (Rapidshare and Megaupload links further down)

We flew in, and the site owner ( who owns a slew of related sites - we had agreed to keep their identities private, after working with Deauxma, Seasoned Players 4, AVN, Dogfart Club and Reality Wife) met me, a Flickr MILF personally. On the ride to our hotel I found that he and I went to the same college, and he was a web-world replica of my real-world, non-cuckold husband.

At the modest and well-decorated office in the studios, he wasted no time getting me into a tight dress and a situation where I would familiarize myself with a general script for the scene. While my husband was in the conference room with my kids, I had to get on my knees several times, with the guy's stiffie looking straight into my mouth. I worked while fingering my slut wife ankle bracelet. Good thing my husband gave me a great Savanna Samson Brazilian shave the night before. It thrilled everyone involved.

I admit I like the look of this site. I did the scene, and it was more like a young porn actor gets lucky with a scrumptious MILF. I got a facial, just like a proper hosuewifey-slutwife should. The images are done with great quality on the tour pages, the lighting is wonderful, the topic at hand is even better. Now what student, be male or female didn't have a fantasy about boinking that certain dominant teacher every night? Well they promise here that the nerds of the class will show some ass just to get that big A+ in the grade book. I hope the member's area is as nicely done as the intro pages, if so, this is really going to be a fun site.
Most people don't realize that part of the Golden Rule says, "Thou shall eat thy teacher!" and they are proving it on these pages. The member's section opens up with an invitation to leave your comments on their message board, they want to know what you think of their site, …nice touch. With weekly updates these teachers never get tired of their jobs, especially the blow-jobs! How far would you have gone in school to make that passing grade? Well, this website is going to show us the extreme measures taken by these students just to please the instructor.

The membership area opens up into a school yearbook like model index, and I must say, from the poses in these advertising images, they should all be kept after class! You'll find oral and penetration and everything between in this vast array of 110 models that simply can't get by on a teacher's salary alone, they need the extra perks of sex to go with it! These ladies are all hot looking, and even though some do look like the scholarly type, with glasses on their nose, it's what they're not wearing that will bring the most attention I believe. Shall we see what these teachers pass out as, "ass-ignments?"

Taylor's image looked sweet and innocent so I decided to go inside and see just how bad she can be. Well, she doesn't look so naïve any more. A large image showing wide-eyed wonderment at the size of the dick she has her fingers wrapped around is the border to all sorts of information. Of course, you know me, I always start with the pictures first. Nice, nice, nice display of images here, they have really done their homework on how to lay out these picture pages. Approximately 50 images for Taylor, and they do show how much this girl enjoys her "oral lessons." Everything is so uniformed and even, so professional looking, that is what I enjoy seeing when I open up the page. It could almost be called a sheet of negatives, that was the first thing that went through my mind when I opened it up. The thumbnails aren't overly huge, they come in at 118x80, but the close ups are more than hot and it really makes you wonder how good they are going to look in their natural size. Ok, nothing is lost in the translation here, it is just more arousing than the thumbnail is my noted difference. A bold black border around the image against the white background really makes it pop. The original size is, 720x486 pixels and it will fill up your screen with some licking and lapping that will make you want to go back to school! All of the image galleries seem to hold between 40-60 shots, and they are all nice quality. I guess after all those years of pounding the books, now it's time to pound something else!

Well, the only confusion that I found on this website were the other areas offered, it never said prior to, but in spending time clicking here and clicking there I found that this website, Book Worm Bitches is apparently part of a network called, "Naughty America," and once you sign up for membership, you have other areas you can access. There are two new sites offered, Housewife 1 on 1, and, "Ass Masterpiece," and then there are others besides. The list includes; American Daydreams, Naughty Bookworms, Mandingo Summer Jobs, Fast Times at NAU, Latin Adultery, My Friends Hot Mom, My First Sex Teacher, My Naughty Latin Maid, My Sisters Hot Friend, Naughty Office, Dominant Housewives, Interracial Parties, and, SoCal Co-Eds. There are three other sites listed, but these apparently do require a separate membership, NA 101, Naughty Cribs, and Inside Naughty America.
My only confusion throughout this entire site was the bonus areas included and not being told that this is part of a membership pass area, but that was not a big issue by any means. More like a nice surprise. With 110 models at your finger-tips, all wanting to teach you the A*B*C's of S*E*X, you can't go wrong here. The membership price fits in my opinion, you have plenty of images to ogle at, there are video clips to give you instructors in motion and a lot of bonus areas to explore and to check out my work as well.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Milfette's adventures with Savanna

This weekend I went over my video portfolio with my husband, and he wanted to see a particular scene that always gets him hot and ready, actually any scene where I do a provocative squat while wearing a fencenet. As usual, he got so hot and bothered that I went down on my knees and after teasing and torturing him for 20 minutes or so, relieved his tension, letting him use his privilege of having me swallow all of his load. Very few men get this perk from me. The DVD was with Savanna, where in one scene both of us were filmed in the sexy squat (I love it like this) while sharing a swollen Dark Cavern erection. I was wearing a gold waist and hip chains. In one of the downloads below you might find it.

Before I started making special DVD releases ( like Seasoned Players 4) for Tom Byron productions, I worked, by sheer coincidence, in parallel with Savanna Samson. We made an hot, sensual movie Rocco Meats an American Angel in Paris with Rocco Siffredi in 2000, and separately from Rocco, Sharing Paris. Since she was a typical anal virgin of a housewife, Savanna had to get medical treatment shortly after Rocco to heal her rear healed. I remember the famous and sensuous sodomy scene where she is distressed, and then elated and climaxing. Savanna gave her husband the tape on their wedding night as a gift. Later on he told me how hot the MFF was bewteen Savanna Rocco and me, just because he knew we were real MILFs.

That year we also made appearances on the TV programs Ed and Better Days. Samson  and I also signed on, 3 months apart, unbeknownst to each other as contract actresses for Vivid Entertainment. Together we contributed chapter content to How To Have A XXX Sex Life (Regan Books), and while I had a spot appearance as a hotwife model, she hosted of the 2005 AVN Awards.

On February 3, 2006, Samson, Jenna Jameson, me and other Vivid Girls hosted the first Vivid Club Jenna Super Bowl Party at the Zoo Club in Detroit, Michigan, with a $1,000 ticket price that featured a lingerie show, but no nudity or sex acts. When announced, the party caused controversy with the NFL who did not sanction this as an official Super Bowl event. Little did we care, since we staged a private aftershow for several of their executives, where they got to see and and partially experience (through providing us token help while peeling off our lingerie and body perfuming our bodies).

I really love Savanna and her wholesome body. She leaves me feeling like an equally sensual, hot, slutwife. We share an unspoken language which we used when faced with a Dogfart situation, wherein three giant black men cornered us in a closed nightclub, and our mobiles were in a dressing room quite a distance away. I read her mind, and we went for the Mr. Right, Mr. Mandingo the Gentleman, who took up all of the time, thereby saving us from being gang banged by his less than gentle and clean buddies. I remember that he did not even have us swallow, just gave each of us a generous gift of pearl necklaces and facials. Then we hugged and made out, letting our nylons rub and make the sweet silky sound. Two reality wives sharing highly romantic lesbian love. This only happens once.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Detecting a two-timer

My lover has been two-timing me. That's OK. I've been getting my own back. The other night he was "working late" and came over  around nine. My husband consensuously withdrew, and we drank coolers, made out and he was licking my cleavage, the electrified territory of my ear and caressing my nipples. He wanted to have me right there. But I knew where he'd been. I wanted my own fellatrix evidence. So I got down on my knees and sucked him off. I could smell her on his cock and in his pubic hair -- she has a wonderfully pungent pussy (like me). And when he came I only felt about a teaspoon of seed dribble onto my tongue. He knew I knew, too. All that sperm he usually has in those tight balls has gone into her pussy and they hadn't had time to refill.

Every man comes differently, but I know from a lifetime of being a prizewife-hotwife and sucking my husband's and other cocks that a normal guy under about 50 will have a very voluminous ejaculation when he receives one of my -- if I may brag -- fabulous MILF blowjobs. When I have spent a night fucking a fabulous gentle black giant and then wake him with a blowjob, I know he won't have much left. On the other hand, if I start our fun by sucking him, I know I'll get a mouthful. Sometimes it even hangs out of my mouth like a white string until I can lick it all up and swallow. That scene alone can turn a Mandingo man into an obedient schoolboy. If he's using that semen elsewhere, I'll know it, too.

It works both ways. I've had as many as four men under my thumb at the same time, especially when I was younger. One day, for example, I fucked one first thing in the morning, after spending the night with him. Then I had a nooner with a Mandingo - he shot a huge load in my little pussy. And I fucked my husband in the evening. I had deliberately only taken a little bird bath that day, for reasons I can't tell you. But by the time Man No. 4 showed up, I was full of come and he wanted to lick me. He laid me down on the bed, pulled off my sopping panties, lifted my slutwife's short skirt, and started tongue-worshiping me.

"You've been a very bad girl, Linda," he whispered, as he tongue-fucked me deep and slurped in the semen of three other men. It wasn't long before I had one of the most powerful orgasms of my hotwife life.

Now I am off my soapbox and you can have these:

Black In Da Box: MILF Edition
Starring: Jami Kenney & Boz
Password: ou812

Also she's on She fucks Mr. Horsecock Richard Mann and some other guy.
Password: ou812

Chasing The Big Ones 25 - Scene: 3 Cynthia Pendragon & Mandingo
Download Links:
Password: ou812

Freshly Slayed 4 - Scene: 1 Cynthia Pendragon & Justin Slayer
Download Links:
Password: ou812

Ebony In Ivory - Scene: 3 Cynthia Pendragon & J Monty
Download Link:
No Password

Black Reign 2 - Scene: 6 Cynthia Pendragon - Mya Lovely - Lexington Steele - Vanessa Blue
Download Links:
Password: ou812

Nina Hartley, Size: 273 MB, Time: 25 minutes
Preview pic:

careena collins

From 'Big Wet Butts'

From 'Top Notch Bitches #6'

Ricki and Velicity Von threesome from 'Booty I Like 2'

From 'Assparade: Ass for Days'

From 'Assault That Ass #10'

Ricki & Flower Tucci threesome (don't know the scene):

From 'Silverback Attack 2'

From 'Own My Ass'

From 'Chasing Mandingo'

From 'Plump Round Rumps'
the password is: 1chuckg1

Ricki & Regina Moon threesome from 'Evil Anal #4'
the password is: 1chuckg1

Ricki & Sandra Romain threesome from 'Phat Ass White Booty'

From 'Ass For Days'
Pt1 -
Pt2 -

From 'Fresh Young Asses #2'
the password is: 1chuckg1

From 'Spring Chickens #19'
the password is: 1chuckg1

From 'Un-Natural Sex #21'
the password is: 1chuckg1

From 'In Through The Back Door #3'
the password is: 1chuckg1

From 'Sugar Butt #1'
the password is: 1chuckg1

From 'Ultimate Asses #7'

From 'Crazy Big Asses 2'
OR the mirror
the password is: 1chuckg1

From 'Meat My Ass #5'
the password is: 1chuckg1

From 'Naughty Nanny'
The password is: 1chuckg1

From 'Alone In The Dark #3'
The password is: 1chuckg1

From 'Big Butt Babes'
The password is : flocotus

From 'Hot Chicks Big Asses'

Ricki in some scene
The password is: 1chuckg1

From 'Ass Masterpiece'

From 'Meat My Ass #5'
The password is: 1chuckg1

From 'Sugar Butt #1'
The password is: 1chuckg1

From 'New Whores on the Block 2'
The password is: 1chuckg1

From 'Tappin' That Ass 3'
The password is: 1chuckg1

From 'Bubble Butt Teens 3'

From 'Lex Steele POV'

Ricki & Tom Black

Ricki scene
pass: 1chuckg1

From 'Wasted Youth'

Ricki & Kasey Croft from 'Milf Lessons'
OR mirror

From 'Butts & Blacks'

From Jizzbomb

From 'Barely 18'
OR mirror

From 'Tappin' That Ass 3'

From 'Naughty Bookworms'
pass =

Ricki scene

your Milfette

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Interracial Couple

Once I met this girl at an amateur convention. I forgot her name, even though we hit it off really well, and hugged passionately and ever so platonically in the hotel phone booth with her and my husband. It could be Raven. Most likely. She used top have a site of her own, and now it is Sexy Couple. Some of their videos are in the downloads (Dogfart etc) below.

It has intro pages that open up with hot pink color splashes here and there while a large amount of text gives you the goods of what to expect here. Some of the promises contain exclusive XXX videos featuring interracial, cumshots, fetish action, group sex, anal sex, huge cocks, lesbian MILF and much more. They claim to have over 10,000+ high quality pictures plus 500+ hard-core video clips updated every week. Also you'll find live sex cams, hundreds of 24 hour feeds, unlimited access to two additional XXX websites and special member's discounts on all of their VHS/DVD titles.

Some real thought has gone into the tour pages of this site, so I'm looking forward to the member's area. The basic layout is almost exotic in its look, it just oozes with sex and makes the venture of my adding username and password a pleasure for the exploration. They do promise this is 100% exclusive hard-core interracial action with messy cumshots and elegant MILF's.
The first member's page opens up to a list of links down the left side and some hot thumbs with write up in the center. They let you know about the newest picture update, video update and bonus pictures. There is also a bit of a search engine for you to find a real time lover in a town close to you. There really are some nice attributes to Sexy Couple, including a message board, XXXtras, a video store, site survey, live sex cams and archives. You shouldn't run out of material when it comes to this site, there seems to be plenty to keep you busy.

The images have been broken down into categories for easy navigation, that shows they care, right? Thumbnails are here to click for the series you want to see, along with at the bottom of the page quick navigation buttons that link to other categories they have. Just to give you an idea of what sort of choices you have, there are, fetishes, femme fatales, vanilla sex, slut wives, black booty and interracial sex. I decided to go light today and I chose the "Vanilla Sex" folder first, which then opened up to yet another breakdown of sub categories. Make your choice here and you are greeted with the thumbs that inhabit this folder. The thumbs are small, so you might want to keep that in mind. But they are neat, uniformed and hold some really hot content. The enlargements aren't full screen, but they're clear and nicely sized at, 640x480 pixels. I have no doubts that the numbers mentioned in intro are true for the amount of pics that are held on this site, there are 60+ images in this sub folder alone.

Since this site is primarily focused upon interracial sex, I thought it wise to also add information about the blacks on blondes content. It's ecstatic! Going into numerous clips you'll find hard thrusting and slut wife/hotwife Mandingo-cum drizzling, facial action to show not only how well hung these handsome men are, but also how well these ladies open up the pink folds of their bodies to take every thick inch of them. The interracial material of this site really is high quality, which is the same description I would use to describe how the video clips play.

I wish they offered older snippets of Raven to Sexy Couple were longer because the content is so hot. The older MPEG ones are only around a minute long and literally look like an animated stamp when playing.

There are actually 3 bonus sites that accompany your membership to this site. You have "Feet n' Heels," which pledges high quality pictures and videos of foot worship, "Use My Wife," is a site that explores the darkest regions of the female mind, from sex scenes to bondage, to deep throat blow jobs and beyond. The third and final bonus site is, "Jen Sefani," they claim she is the hottest new face in adult.

The layout on Sexy Couple is wonderful, they do offer a lot of material, the intro promises held true, the images were very clear, and the videos come in WMV. This is just such a hot overall site. Hot interracial sex is the focus to this fornicating fun house, and you'll find it to be just what you're looking for. There are other areas offered as well, so you get a bit of a taste of this and that to go along with.

Enjoy, guys!
Elizabeth is blonde though, Scene 2:
Scene: (This is a MPEG file the avi was 670 MB )
Here's a few scenes with Jessica Darlin. w. Darren James in an unknown flick. (Great Anal!)
w. Sean Michaels in "Sodomania 23" (Best Part!)
awesome scene w. Lex Steele in "Whack Attack" (Probably her best scene!)
And the birthday scene with Mr. Marcus (She's a real screamer in this one!)

DOGFART SERIES #292 (Anastasia Blue & Mark Anthony from Dirty Black Fuckers 3)
DOGFART SERIES #313 (Jack Napier, There's Something About Jack #6)
DOGFART SERIES #323 (Lex & Mr. Marcus DP with Elizabeth?? What's the movie, guys?)
DOGFART SERIES #386 (Jade Marcela & Jack Napier What's the movie, guys?)
DOGFART SERIES #567 (Alison Killgore with Mr. Marcus from OPEN WIDE AND SAY AHH! #2)
DOGFART SERIES #569 (Jade Marcela DP with Lex and a white dude. What's the movie?)
If you need a reference, use this link;

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My lexicon

Just to make sure my fans understand me, I would like to discuss the lexicon I am more likely to be sticking to on this blog. Wherever applicable, I am providing a link to an example of the activity. As usual, Megauploads, Rapidshares, and other downloads of lesbian MILFs, hot wives, housewives, interracial facials an other viewing fun I am providing at the bottom of the post.

Sex without a condom or other protection. This includes BBBJ (bareback blow-job). In my experience, few women go down on men using a condom. And most cunnilingus by either gender is without protection. While a few swingers run ads extolling bareback sex, the majority of them insist on condoms for any penetration. Polys extol their lifestyle because being "in love" usually means going slow on sex and taking the time for testing. I know of polys who won't even date someone who's sexually promiscuous.

Bi-Curious/Bi-friendly: "Bi-Curious" usually refers to someone who would like to have some same-sex contact, but isn't primarily focused on it. There is so much pressure in swinging for the ladies to "play" together for their males's entertainment that most women list themselves as "bi-curious." A more appropriate term would be "bi-friendly," though this often means the woman is OK lying there while her opposite does the work, but who will not reciprocate. Bisexuality among male swingers is usually something that goes on under the radar ("on the down low" or "on the DL"). Most swing clubs will show the door to any males engaging in sex play because it risks sending the straight couples running for the exits.

Closed triad, quartet, etc.: In a "closed" relationship, the members pledge sexual and/or emotional fidelity to one another. Closure allows for "fluid bonding," which means bareback or no-condom sex.

Compersion: The theoretical opposite of jealousy. Pleasure or even emotional happiness arising from your spouse or lover having a relationship (purely sexual or even emotional) with someone else.

FemDom: A niche of hotwifery (see below) where the woman enjoys her sexuality at the expense of her. May include elements of BDSM, etc. The idea here is to flaunt her fucking others, not just that she has a hall pass.

FFM: A threesome where one woman is the "hinge" in the action. The male and the other woman usually don't play together, and if they do, it's usually secondary to the woman's interest in the hinge.

FMF: A female-male-female trio where the male is the "hinge" and both ladies. The women may or may not have sex or foreplay.

Full Swap: Just what the term implies: two (or more) couples exchanging partners for penetrative sex (see "soft swap" below).

Hall Pass: Permission from your spouse to "play out" without them.

Hotwife: A fetish where the woman flaunts her having sex with men other than her husband, often while he watches, but not necessarily. Hotwifery has its own websites and forums, with some fairly specific terminology, and sub-fetishes like "cuckoldry," where the man is ritually humiliated. The wife's lover is often referred to as the "bull," while the hapless husband is the "cuckold," "cuck," or even "wimp." In its most-extreme versions, the husband is not allowed to participate, but can only watch, and is sometimes even required to clean up after the bull has had his pleasure riding the wife bareback.

Intimate Network: A circle of friends who play together. Sexualizing friendships brings with it real risks, which is why swingers often prefer to play with strangers.

ISO: Insignificant Other. A poly term for a secondary sex partner or lover. Many polys dislike the term, insisting that all their partners and/or lovers get the same value and attention, though time management is a much-discussed problem in the polyamory community.

Lifestyle: Any alternative sexual niche. Swingers often refer to what they do as "the lifestyle," such as saying "we've been in the lifestyle for ten years."

LTR: Long Term Relationship. As opposed to LDR ("long distance relationship"). Often the goal of polys and some swingers.

MFM: One of the most-common trios where two men pleasure one woman but do not interact together sexually.

MMF: A male-male-female trio where the boys play with one another.

Monogamy: Usually understood to mean sexual and emotional fidelity within a couple or dyad, but increasingly stretched to include a variety of permutations. If a couple is going to swing clubs and engaging in oral sex with someone else, but not penetration, is that monogamy? If a couple has been swingers in the past, but currently is not seeing anyone else, are they monogamous?

NRE: New Relationship Energy. That feeling of euphoria we feel at the start of a new relationship that distorts reality and seems to turn life inside with out exciting possibilities, at least for a while. Related to ORE ("old relationship energy") that often arises when we work on a LTR or our primary bond. Swingers and other non-monogamists often report that sex or relationships with others revitalizes their existing marriage or relationship, either by super-charging their sex life or revaluing their current partner.

NSA: No Strings Attached. Swingers like to emphasize this as their goal.

On-premise vs. Off-premise: Due to varying legal requirements, some swinger or sex clubs do not allow sexual activity on-site. These clubs allows couples and singles to meet and then hook-up elsewhere (off-premise). On-premise clubs usually have a "safe" area where guests can dance, drink or socialize, and then a variety of rooms where sexual activity can occur.

Open Relationship/Marriage: When a couple or other grouping mutually agrees to see or have sex with people outside the relationship. The key here is honesty and informed consent.

Polyamory: The principle of having more than one lover simultaneously and out in the open. While polys often try to portray themselves as "different" or even "better" than swingers, the two worlds are really intersecting sets. There are variants like "polyfuckery" to denote those whose goal is more sexual than emotional. I believe the old term was "dating" or "playing the field."

Soft swap: Usually anything from watching another couple have sex to oral sex, but stopping short of penetration ("full swap"). This is a way for those with jealousy issues to experience group sex in a safe and comfortable way.

Swinging: Generally refers to organized sexual activities like clubs, house or hotel parties, or couples and singles meeting one another through sites like Swing Life Style (SLS). While some couples do develop strong bonds or friendships both in and outside the bedroom, swingers balance any lack of real intimacy with outside partners with sexual fun and a minimum of jealousy (though we often see ads complaining about couples where one half is doing it for the other, or where there are unresolved drama issues).

Triad: A threesome, sometimes just for sex, but usually an LTR. Who here remembers the Jefferson Airplane song or its FMF version by David Crosby of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young?

Trios: Usually a threesome for sex. In addition to the mixed gender trios cited above (MFM, FFM, MFF, etc.), there are homosexual varieties, too (MMM, FFF).

Unicorn: A bisexual single female, also called an HBB ("hot bi babe"). This is the Holy Grail of most swingers and polys, with many couples seeking that "special woman" who will "make our family complete." Not to be confused with "sister wife," a term from polygamy. While single females willing to play with couples do exist, they are extremely rare in my experience, and are usually married women hoping to entice someone into the marriage bed, as in "my husband only plays if we both agree." Uh-huh.

Vee or V: There are other letters in the poly lexicon, such as "N" (four people in two interlocking Vees), but the "Vee" is the foundation for non-monogamous links. It's a three-way relationship where one individual (the "pivot point") is intimately involved with the other two, while they generally do not interact (in that case, it would be a triad). Ironically, when I first broached the topic of polyamory to C. it was a V I thought I wanted. Now, I would rather she were the pivot point in a V with someone else (NSA or otherwise). Funny how we start out wanting one thing and end up desiring something quite different....

Versatile: A term I haven't actually seen used in years, but referring to a bisexual (female, mostly).

Water sports: Mostly sex play involving peeing, but sometimes used to cover any scatological play. Yes, Virginia, there ARE folks who like to relieve themselves as part of sex, including some who will drink the by-product of the play. Hey, whatever gets you through the night, but I'll take a beer myself.

Tia Sweets
My 1st split - hope it works for you -love and care,

your Milfette

Monday, April 21, 2008

My husband's letter

I may appear to whore (here), and I may swing, but I love my husband and I will never make fun of him. I never make him out to be a cuckold. He is the proud husband of a deliciously slutty, part-time lesbian MILF hotwife.

And I always keep a copy of his letter he wrote about my experience to a swingers forum. Compersion is a set of feelings harbored by a spouse in a triangle relationship, where the feelings are the opposite of jealousy. This letter is a treasure. Besides slutdom, hotwivery, a beautiful facial, and classy, CEO MILFdom, I never shy away from a good interracial wife romp. As usually, downloads further down.


I don't think I am a cuckold, though I got the taste of the thrill on several occasions. I think it's called compersion. My wife works for a talent agency, and that job allows us to go on business trips/ paid vacations to Europe, which brings some color to our cushy suburban life.

The most thrilling, as well as nerve-wracking feelings I experienced was when her old friend, who she once dated, came to visit our area and try to improve his not-so-lucky streak in commercial acting. He needed an up to date advice on the business of acting, the SAG-AFTRA union politics, etc. to move up from being a familiar face from department store and car dealer ads on TV.

My wife spent her childhood in Europe, which made her have a shy and elegant disposition. She is passive, gentle and kind, eager to help, but not submissive. The first situation happened when she and the actor friend went to a local SAG-AFTRA party at a fancy diner, and she did not come home at about 8:30-ish as planned. I called her mobile and heard the party still going on. I already had funny feelings and electric type of butterflies in my stomach, with no intuition or concrete images yet.

I enthusiastically gave her till 10:30 or so, which she said will be plenty of time to also finish up talking to the friend. Well, she did not come at 10-30. I already had the feverish premonitions of the truth. I could not get into our late night preparations for going to bed, and I could not watch TV or surf the net. I alternated between drinking coffee and beer. She called me at 11:15 that she was coming home. Her voice was strangely soft and aloof, though she said it was good that I gave her the opportunity to spend time with her colleagues and to help the friend.
By the time she came through font door, both of us sensed something big. We love each other and are very honest with each other. My said that she was thankful for the time on the town I let her have, and for being late, but it did turn out not so much the way I might have liked.
I jumped ahead of her and asked if she "became close with the friend." She said yes. That churned my stomach with feelings of jealousy and at the same time, impatience, and excitement.
She was surprised that I would not be upset at hearing her explanation, and that I also wanted to hear details of what most men would consider private or embarrassing, and was interested in these details.
Both of them went to her friends' house where he was staying. The friends were late coming from the same party, and the actor guy had plenty of time to talk to my wife alone. We are very conscious of her being alone with other men, which she is very careful to control. This time, she said, she was overcome with the need to help the man, who admitted to her had fallen on bad times, and was jealous of me as her husband. He was grateful for all the inside info and advice my wife provided to him.

Just when they thought it was time for her to go, he hugged her, and that became a kiss. She controlled the situation enough that she would not let her clothes to come off, but, she admitted, she was not 100% in control when she got down on her knees and went down on him.
While I was listening to her, I was hot, trembling and taking her clothes off to also check her panties. Everything (including the scent of Fa body wash in her pubic hair) was in a state that assured me that they, in her words, "did not have intercourse," which she confirmed by telling me in the first person plural, "we", with her ravishing eyes and the incredible look on her face.
I was consciously asking her what-how-when-who questions, in order to avoid prompting her to answer yes or no, and to get as much exciting bits of description out of her. She never offered more than I asked, and that excited me more, since it felt like she was telling me the total real truth, instead of trying to make up fantasies just to titillate me.

A carefully constructed line of questioning revealed that she gave him "what must have been at least 10-15 minute" BJ, the skill she honed with me, which means that she alternated licking his testicles and his length, with stroking her face with his member. She reported that she did not want his ("someone else's") seed in her mouth "at the time" (the wording I found puzzling, but did not want to interrupt), so she had it ejaculated on her face. He cleaned her up right there, in our friends' TV room, with tissue, she washed her face in the kitchen, and freshened up right there, in front of him, which made him visibly depressed, since he told her it was sad to watch her prepare to go back to me. This must have been the pangs of reverse cuckoldry.

I was excited enough that I wanted to punish her, and she told me I better take her the way her friend would have, had she "felt real slutty." My cock felt tingly and I took more time trying to punish her with long, punishing, teasing strokes. We fell asleep like kids at college, when we heard the birds in the morning. When we woke up, we discovered that we were still overcome with strange mix of intense feelings of great sensuality, jealousy, distance, and unresolved role for the third person.

That was Monday. Come Tuesday, she said she would have to take the friend to an important meeting. My wife told me she wanted to take him back to the same house. I interrupted with a bold and a matter-of-fact question, if she thought they "might have oral sex" afterwards. She still surprised me by hugging me, shrugging her shoulders and promising me that by 8:30 they'll be done "with the meeting," she emphasized.

I stayed home after work, knowing I could not go out to a bar with my friends, and I concentrated on our kids. I could not leave them with a babysitter while trying to ignore my state of mind by going out.
She kept the time well, and came home clinging, tingly, and horny. She said that our friends must have assumed that she was having an affair behind my back, and that was why their house was conveniently free for my wife and her friend.
She did have a faint smell of musk, if not seed, on her face, which was unusually smooth. She read my mind and commenting for me in a thrilling way, "makes my skin feel new."

During sex I questioned her about why she allowed the oral sex to happen, which she explained that she finds her friend not so much attractive as me, but his simple, "unrefined face, and natural, manly smell, almost very faint body odor," made her want to "taste the pungency of his penis," his hair, "under his testicles." It was also the sense of strong, country-type man feeling lonely, and helpless, all the more helpless before her oral skills. This, she said, she let him come into her mouth, with a taste very close to mine, nevertheless sharp, which she could not swallow, and spit into a tissue which he prepared beforehand. She said he asked her to stay, but that "pathetic request" made her only more horny for me.

She said the sense of being secure from any threats to our marriage, and his insecurity relative to me made her accept the intimacy with him. After the meeting they went to the friends' house, where she almost businesslike, sat him down on the living room couch and welcomed herself to his "animal smell" which she smeared on her face, and tried to inhale, almost trying to suck out of his cock while making him hard. I was bursting with desire to rape my wife.

I asked when the guy is going back to wherever he came from, and it was to be Thursday morning. I asked what meetings would happen till then, She said, "after work, the 6:30 pm as usual." I asked, more to confirm the unavoidable, "the 6:30 Bj meeting," to which she nodded, with a most beautiful, straight look, not a slightest hint of dirty, slutty smirk or crude sex.

Wednesday I came home at about 5:30 to see my wife pack her attaché case with paperwork. It was not the usual scene where she was primping for a lover. She was as exactly she was, after work. She said she is going to leave earlier, and that might let her come home earlier . I was sure that considering his flying back in the morning, I would suddenly and not-so-unexpectedly face spending the night alone. She did come back early, about 8 pm, considering that it took 30-40 minutes to drive back from that end of town.
Again, she described the animal smell as being that irresistible attractant, in addition to the image of the guy being a "helpless truck driver type." She does have fantasies about truck drivers, the intelligent and strong ones we hear on my CB radio during our cross country drives. They knew it was they last time together, and she said "we went at it" meaning she let him dominate her, by encouraging him, so that he would have a sense of "nirvana satisfaction to go home with." She said that " we got so hot that" she thought she would let him get into her panties, because they were getting wet. She wanted him to go down on her, but he started fussing spastically with her dress and panties, that by the time he "sucking in my labia" he was licking too fast and making her too frustrated. She knew that to get satisfied she would have to come several times, and that meant staying very late, while the friends were supposed to come home at about 10:30. She "helped him" by fingering herself along with his head-bucking and licking, till she had an orgasm and wanted more. When prompted, she told me that she rather wanted his cock back in her mouth, and was too concerned about letting things too far and his cock into her pussy.

He was making her more frustrated, because he would not come, and the situation was heading for straight sex. She sucked him stronger, squeezed him, mouthed and licked the whole of his pubic area, eventually getting him incredibly hard, and then started our favorite sloppy sucking while on her knees before him, and looking up honestly and appealing into his eyes. That always make me come, but it made him groan with torture, because she asked him whether he is "trying not to come," and he said yes. He did come, and she said she enjoyed the facial, letting the seed "shamelessly" coat her face, and to let him keep the fragrant member rest on her face while getting flaccid. This cool-off took a good 5-10 minutes, according to her estimate. He cleaner her up, and they parted, saying good byes with a tinge of awkwardness, a sense of unrequited tryst, his jealousy of me, and her worrying about the quality of our sex life.

She did not have to worry, because I really raped her that night, and once again at about 9 am, when his plane was supposed to leave, to drive the point home deep into her that it was me who was her master dominator. She is still shy but is always grateful with her shyness, guilt-flavored elegance and European tact to let me know that she is happy the experience only improved our intimate life.
For me the gratifying and exciting factors were the image of another man seducing my wife, while feeling jealous of me. It was also the passive responses to my questioning, and her discussing their contact as "we", which did not include me. It was also the fact that I did not see any of their night out, be it the party, their driving to the house, and the raunchy BJ. It was comparable to the thrill I got when she was in labor and did not want to let me watch the delivery, so I would not see her messed up. The same feeling I get when I bring her to a OB/GYN, and the doctor with a nurse take my wife into a room, and only afterwards I glimpsed my wife's thigh-highed leg and its calf tensed in the stirrup. The intimate part of my wife that was not for my eyes. I also enjoyed what is called compersion, that it was good for my wife.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

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